30 July 2021
Martak IQF Technology Featured photo

Martak IQF Technology

IQF TECHNOLOGY The ability to make food last for an extended period has always been a valuable resource. Before the middle of the 20th century, maintaining perishable foods was expensive and challenging, but the introduction of refrigerators revolutionized the entire process. The IQF method, which stands for Individual Quick Freezing, […]
19 July 2021

Automation in the seafood industry

Automation in the SEAFOOD INDUSTRY The seafood processing industry has gone through a significant transformation from its old-fashioned origins to mostly automated operations. As a result, the seafood processing industry no longer relies on labor-intensive work. Instead, innovation and manufacturing automation is becoming the standard way to process food. Implementing […]
12 July 2021
Featured image Martak 2020 news

2020 Martak

What unexpected benefits did 2020 bring MARTAK? During 2020 most manufacturing industries were locked down due to an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. National and global restrictions had a critical impact on productivity, manufacturing, travel, transport, the economy, and more. Many manufacturing industries and companies had to reduce production due to […]
16 June 2021
Martak’s Director of Operations in Grindavík, Páll Már Magnússon

We are the middleman

We are the MIDDLEMAN Martak’s Director of Operations in Grindavík, Páll Már Magnússon, was recently interviewed by Fiskifréttir. He shares the story of his humble beginnings before he joined the company and how Martak became the leader in the shrimp processing industry. “It was an adventure” “When I was a […]
16 June 2021
Noel Sheehan, Martak's CEO

An Interview with Noel Sheehan

An interview with NOEAL SHEENAN Martak’s CEO, Noel Sheehan, was recently interviewed by Navigator Magazine in a tell-all story about how he came to be the head of the company and Martak’s history. He described how, after over 3 decades, we are able to remain on top, bringing the best […]