13 January 2022

Scanbelt – Keeping the industry moving

Get to know Scanbelt Keeping the industry moving ScanBelt is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of modular plastic conveyor belts. Martak is happy to announce that we have taken over the ScanBelt agency in Iceland. After many years of working with these great conveyor belts in our machines and running […]
4 January 2022

Gudjon Ingi Gudjonsson – New VP of Sales at Martak

Gudjon Ingi Gudjonsson – New VP of Sales at Martak Martak, a global provider of advanced equipment, systems, and services to the fish processing industry is very excited to welcome aboard our new Vice President of Sales, Gudjon Ingi Gudjonsson. Gudjon Ingi brings high-quality client service, revenue generation, and strategic […]
30 December 2021

Thank you 2021

Thank you 2021 We can’t thank you enough for all of your support this year. We wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year from our entire team! Looking back at 2021, we faced many challenges that we had to learn how to overcome. We are grateful for this […]
7 December 2021

Labrador Salt fish plant by Martak

Get to know THE Labrador Salt fish palnt by Martak One of Martak’s notable projects of the year was our project with the Labrador Fishermen’s Union Shrimp Co.! Previous Next Martak is excited to announce that the salt fish factory that we set up in Labrador, Canada, is up and […]
18 November 2021

Shrimp processing Equipment for Modern Enterprises

Get to know the Shrimp Processing Equipment for Modern Enterprises Shrimp processing equipment has become one of the most important components of any seafood factory. More and more owners of shrimp processing factories appreciate the automation and improvement of production that these machines deliver. Why is this type of food and […]
3 September 2021

Differences between shrimps and prawns

Get to know the DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SHRIMPS AND PRAWNS People often get confused about the differences between shrimps and prawns, and you may have heard that they are the same. Yet though prawns and shrimps are closely related, they can be distinguished in several ways. Our company has been in […]
30 July 2021

What is IQF Technology?

IQF TECHNOLOGY The ability to make food last for an extended period has always been a valuable resource. Before the middle of the 20th century, maintaining perishable foods was expensive and challenging, but the introduction of refrigerators revolutionized the entire process. The IQF method, which stands for Individual Quick Freezing, […]
19 July 2021

Automation in the seafood industry

Automation in the SEAFOOD INDUSTRY The seafood processing industry has gone through a significant transformation from its old-fashioned origins to mostly automated operations. As a result, the seafood processing industry no longer relies on labor-intensive work. Instead, innovation and manufacturing automation is becoming the standard way to process food. Implementing […]
12 July 2021

What unexpected benefits did 2020 bring Martak?

What unexpected benefits did 2020 bring MARTAK? During 2020 most manufacturing industries were locked down due to an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. National and global restrictions had a critical impact on productivity, manufacturing, travel, transport, the economy, and more. Many manufacturing industries and companies had to reduce production due to […]