The ProPeeler combines automation, quality control, and real-time monitoring to increase high-quality yields, save up to 70% of electricity and 40% of water usage. The main advantage of the Pro peeler vs the standard peeler is that the angle of the peeler infeeder is adjustable on the pro peeler.


Length Width Height
3450 2250 2500


Direct drive mechanism
A servo motor-driven roller that has a fully customizable rotation speed and degree of inclination. This design uses 70% less energy and has a 50% longer lifetime than existing rollers on the market.
Angle control
Allowing the operator to fully control the angle of the peeler according to the size of the shrimp maximizes the ability of the peeler to fully remove the shell without damaging the shrimp. This also helps reducing the amount of water the system uses up to 40%.
Vision control system
A smart vision control framework merges the direct drive, jacks, angle control and the roller system. Automating each setting and ensuring an optimum yield.


See the Pro Peeler machine in action so you can have a better idea of what it can bring to your production line. If you have questions, we have one of our representatives waiting for you and willing to help you to chose the right machine for your food processing company.


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