Steam cooker

Highly effective and economical steam cooker for shrimp. Ensures even cooking of the product. Its hygienic design allows easy access to clean components. After evenly distributing the shrimp into the washbasin, a wave oscillator ensures a single layer of shrimp for cooking. Customizable speed and temperature ensure the even cooking of the product. Steam, even flow, at the end of the day, the machine can be fully opened for easy and effective cleaning. The steam cooker machine can be customized to suit your company needs.


Length Width Height
4000 1900 2200



Martak offers you and your team training on operating and maximizing the machine’s lifetime successfully.
Custom operations
With the customizable speed and temperature features, shrimps will be cooked evenly.
Easy cleaning
The hygienic design gives easy access to clean and sanitize all the components of the machine.


See this awesome machine in action so you can have a better idea of what it can bring to your production line. If you have questions, we have one of our representatives waiting for you and willing to help you to chose the right machine for your food processing company.

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