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Glazing, or ice coating, is necessary to protect the product throughout storage and from dehydration. The Glazing Machine for Shrimp uses its nozzles to spray even layers of water over the product, which freezes on contact and provides a strong shield from any damage. Martak glazing systems are designed with a step-down frame that flips each shrimp several times to ensure an even coating. The size of the Glazing Machine can be customizable for each customer’s needs. The unit lanes can be adjustable by the capacity and the glazing requirement.


Length Width Height
3270 1500 1460


Robust design
Our glazing conveyors are made out of resistant materials and high-quality parts used in the global seafood processing market.
Even glazing
The Glazing Machine is designed to prevent all clumping and flexible nozzles that make sure that the water is sprayed evenly.
Protects the shrimp
Secures the quality of the shrimp by protecting the frozen shrimp from unwanted changes during frozen storage.


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