Shrimp peelers

We are proud of our shrimp peeling machines. With our own production of rubber rollers, we can ensure the highest quality of peeling machines. See our different types of shrimp peelers to ensure that no shrimp goes unpeeled.

Shrimp peelers - Shrimp processing equipment


The ProPeeler combines automation, quality control, and real-time monitoring to increase high-quality yields, save up to 70% of electricity and 30% of water usage. For the average processing factory with 4.800 tonnes of raw shrimps produced annually.
Shrim peelers for fishery industry, Martak


A conveyor belt guides the product past a series of rollers, gradually removing the shell. The width of the belt is such that only one row of shrimp at a time is peeled. The rollers use a combination of rubber and steel to remove the shell. While rubber provides a cushioning effect, steel strips provide extra pressure on the shells.
Afterpeeler mar-c12 for shrimp industry, Martak


Ensuring that no shrimp goes unpeeled. Equipped with rubber and steel rollers, for delicate peeling. If any stubborn shell is left on the product, it will eventually be loosen without sacrificing the quality of the shrimp.