The unique technology is the result of our long-term experience in the seafood industry and continuous development. Tailored to every factory’s needs, Martak offers a full range shrimp processing equipment.

Steam Cooker

Highly effective and economical steam cooker for shrimp. Ensures even cooking of the product. The hygienic design allows easy access to clean components. After evenly distributing the shrimp into the washbasin – a wave oscillator ensures a single layer of shrimp for cooking. Customizable speed and temperature ensure the even cooking of the product. Steam, even flow, at the end of the day, the machine can be fully opened for easy and effective cleaning. The steam cooker machine can be customized for your needs.

Shrimp Peelers

The main advantage of the Pro peeler vs. the standard peeler is that the angle of the peeler infeeder is adjustable on the pro peeler. Changing the angle gives you control. The top technology used by our shrimp peeling system will guarantee you and your production line that no shrimp will go unpeeled.
Shrimp shell separator machine

Shell Separators

Our shell-separating blowers have proved their worth as powerful, reliable workhorses in any shrimp or shellfish cleaning needed. Without any pre-drying required, an energy efficient design and low operating costs, our blowers are unmatched by any other solution. All Martak shell separators are designed for safe, hygienic operation and include a variable speed control for fan and conveyor belt along with an air lift hood for easy cleaning. All this while minimizing its footprint, offering several sizes specifically for your needs.
Industrial shrimp washer machine

Shrimp Washer

Our shrimp washer is made of high-quality stainless steel and meets the standards of the food industry. The washer is energy-efficient, easy to clean and operate, fitted with variable speed control and new rubber wheels™. Designed with a replaceable bottom plate. All our washers are equipped with motor cover on hinges and closed bottom plate for motor and gear.
Shrimp and fish glazing units

Glazing Units

Glazing, or ice coating, is necessary to protect the product throughout storage. An even layer of water is sprayed over the product, which freezes on contact, and provides a strong shield from any damage. Our glazing systems are designed with a step-down frame that flips each shrimp several times to ensure an even coating.
Individual quick freezing buffer tanks, Martak main

Smart Storage Freezer

The smart storage freezer has been developed with the customer’s needs in mind. The major upside is that processing and packaging are not reliant on each other running simultaneously. It can be fitted into any processing line. The smart storage freezer can be used for anything, blueberries, fish, scallop, and more. No matter your production, this ensures your first product is your first product out (FIFO).
IQ maturing system for shrimp processing

Maturing System

The IQ maturing system maintains product quality and gives you control for every batch. Infeed tanks and conveyors distribute an even flow of product onto a precise grader that separates the product into size categories. Each category is then put into maturing tanks. Smart monitoring technology gives you the ability to ensure the proper weight of the product in each tank.
Rock separator machine for the food industry

Rock Separator

Rock separators, designed to separate rocks from shrimp and other products. Rock separators are used in many food processing plants to separate rocks from shrimp products such as frozen or canned peeled shrimp. Once they’ve been separated, they can be processed further to ensure the quality of the final product.
Infeed tanks for fishery industry, Martak: shrimp industry machinery

Infeed Tanks

Effectively moving whole shrimp from tubs to conveyors one by one. Our infeed tanks ensure that the product is cleaned, cooled and individually fed into the production line. Optional cleaning conveyors can be added to remove any ice and debris from the tub. Our exceptionally hygienic design allows cleaning staff to lift the entire belt assembly and easily clean the whole tank.
Packing scales for the food processing industry

Packing Scales

The product is collected in bins that have a weight monitoring system connected to them. When the desired weight is reached the bin input will close and the output will open, collecting the product into the packaging box. Several arrangements are available with multiple bins. This packing scale minimizes the worker handling of the product.
Packaging tables for shrimp industry, Martak: fishery industry machinery

Packing Tables

A continuous flow of products can be packed into boxes but up to six workers at a time. With work tables on both sides of the infeed belt and convenient box storage on top, this design maximizes productivity while minimizing the floor space required. Its robust design allows cleaning staff to lift up every conveyor as needed for easy access.