Fish processing

Martak offers advanced fish processing machinery and equipment that covers each step of the processing line. Our expertise in automation for seafood solutions has resulted in a substantial return on investment for our clients. Martak fish processing machinery ranges from standalone machinery to complete turnkey solutions.

Infeed tanks for fishery industry, Martak: shrimp industry machinery

Infeed Tanks

Effectively moving whole fishes from tubs to conveyors one by one. Our infeed tanks ensure that the product is cleaned, cooled and individually fed into the production line. Optional cleaning conveyors can be added to remove any ice and debris from the tub. Our exceptionally hygienic design allows cleaning staff to lift the entire belt assembly and easily clean the whole tank.
Gutting line workstations for fishery industry, Martak

Gutting Line

The structure of the gutting line is built with work facilities and user safety in mind. The main assembly can be lifted up for cleaning, as well as the work station and cutting boards. Six work stations for workers to clean whole fishes with convenient placements for slicing and waste.
Trimming line for fishery industry, Martak

Trimming Lines

After the fish has been filleted, each fillet has to be inspected and cleaned before continuing with the process, our trimming lines allow up to six workers to process the total of 400 fillets per hour (60 fillets per worker). Size and capabilities can be customized.
Weighing scales for fishery industry, Martak

Weighing Scales

Martak offers a variety of scales to fit your requirements. Designed with precision, safety, and hygiene for whole fish, fillets, or pieces, you can achieve any level of precision. Take your production line to the next level with our pre made and custom solutions for the fishery industry.
Glazing conveyors for fishery industry, Martak

Glazing Conveyors

Glazing, or ice coating, is necessary to protect the product throughout storage. Dipping the product into a water basin covers it in an even layer of water, which freezes on contact, and provides strong shielding from moderate damage. Martak’s glazing conveyor is designed with three basins, ensuring an even layer of glazing on the product. Robust, hygienic design with gas cylinders ensure easy access into the basins for cleaning.
Packaging scales for shrimp industry, Martak: Fishery industry machinery

Packing Scales

The product is collected in bins that have a weight monitoring system connected to them. When the desired weight is reached the bin input will close and the output will open, collecting the product into the packaging box. Several arrangements are available with multiple bins. This packing scale minimizes the worker handling of the product.
Packaging tables for shrimp industry, Martak: fishery industry machinery

Packing Tables

A continuous flow of products can be packed into boxes but up to six workers at a time. With work tables on both sides of the infeed belt and convenient box storage on top, this design maximizes productivity while minimizing the floor space required. Its robust design allows cleaning staff to lift up every conveyor as needed for easy access.