We are Martak

Martak is proud of its talented team of specialists that are experts in their field and offer our clients high-quality service.

Noel Sheehan - CEO - Martak Iceland
Noel Sheehan
Páll M. Magnússon - Director of operation - Martak Iceland
Páll M. Magnússon
Director of Operation
Gudjon Ingi Gudjonsson - Sales VP at Martak

Gudjon Ingi Gudjonsson
Vice President of Sales

Lisa Fraser - Chief Financial Officer - Martak Iceland
Lisa Fraser
Chief Financial Officer
Vilhelm Þ. Þorarinsson Chief designer - Martak Iceland

Vilhelm Þ. Þorarinsson
Chief Designer

Adam Chorbok - Assembly at Martak

Adam Chorbok

Ágúst Ósmann - Chief Assistant - Martak Iceland
Ágúst Ósmann
Chief Assistant
Ara Fraser - Finance - Martak Iceland
Ara Fraser
Ásgeir R. Erlingsson - Martak Iceland
Ásgeir R. Erlingsson
Production Manager
Baldvin E. Einarsson - Engineer - Martak Iceland
Baldvin E. Einarsson
Bjarne Svendsen - Assembly
Bjarne Svendsen
Chad Johnson - Inside Sales Manager - Martak Iceland
Chad Johnson
Inside Sales Manager
CJ Clowe - Millwrigh/Welder - Martak Iceland
CJ Clowe
Millwright / Welder
Cole Fraser - Sales Manager - Martak Iceland
Cole Fraser
Sales Manager
Curtis Kavanagh - Apprentice Millwright - Martak Iceland
Curtis Kavanagh
Apprentice Millwright
Derm Boland - Operator - Martak Iceland
Derm Boland
Gary Kavanagh - Director of Sales - Martak Iceland
Gary Kavanagh
Director of Sales
Haldór Sigurðsson - Welder / Assembly - Martak Iceland

Halldór Sigurðsson
Machine shop foreman

Halldor Sigurdsson - System implementation at Martak

Halldor Sigurdsson
Systems implementation

Hulda Ósmann - Chief Information Officer - Martak Iceland
Hulda Ósmann
Chief Information Officer
Jeff Princehouse - Sales - Martak Iceland
Jeff Princehouse
Joe Quan - Sales - Martak Iceland
Joe Quan
Jóhann Ragnarsson - Process Specialist

Jóhann Ragnarsson
Process Specialist

Jónas R. Gíslason - Sales - Martak Iceland
Jónas R. Gíslason
Jón Ósmann - Sales - Martak Iceland
Jón Ósmann
Josh Brimingham - Millwright/Welder - Martak Iceland
Josh Brimingham
Millwright / Welder
Klara Halldórsdóttir - Office Manager

Klara Halldórsdóttir
Office manager

Luke Clarke - Apprentice Millwright - Martak Iceland
Luke Clarke
Roller production manager
Matusz Koziel - Welder / Assembly - Martak Iceland
Matusz Koziel
Welder / Assembly
Óli Björn Ólaffson - Sales at Martak

Óli Björn Ólafsson

Óttar Hjartarsson - Welder / Assembly - Martak Iceland
Óttar Hjartarsson
Welder / Assembly
Randy Oliver - Mechanic / Welder - Martak Iceland
Randy Oliver
Mechanic / Welder
Sean Kur - Sales Manager - Martak Iceland

Sean Kur
Toronto Branch Manager

Sigurður Jórmundsson - Production Leader - Martak Iceland
Sigurður Jórmundsson
Production Leader
Sigurður Gunnarson - Engineer - Martak Iceland
Sigurður Gunnarson
Stefan Fridriksson - Mechanical design
Stefan Fridriksson
Mechanical design
Valþór Ó. Vilhelmsson - Designer - Martak Iceland
Valþór Ó. Vilhelmsson
Vicki MacEachern - Purchasing and Operations - Martak Iceland
Vicki MacEachern
Purchasing and Operations